• In episode 139, this card was in Leo Akaba's opening hand as he prepared to Duel Zarc, who had been reincarnated in the body of Yuya Sakaki. He had intended to activate this card after using "Spirit Collapse" to send "Master Spirit Tech Force - Pendulum Ruler" from his Extra Deck to the Graveyard. However, Zarc anticipated this and activated "Supreme Disdain", which sent cards from Leo's hand to the Graveyard equal to the number of "Supreme King" cards Zarc controlled. As Zarc controlled 4 "Supreme King" cards, Leo sent this card, "En Flowers", "En Winds", and "En Moon" from his hand to the Graveyard. "Supreme Disdain" then inflicted 300 damage to Leo per card sent this way. With 4 sent, Leo took 1200 damage and was defeated.