• In episode 25, Téa Gardner uses this card during her Duel against Mai Valentine. She equips this card onto "Shining Friendship", increasing its ATK by 400 and decreasing its DEF by 200. Téa then equips "Shining Friendship" with "Silver Bow and Arrow" which increases the ATK and DEF of "Shining Friendship" by 300. Téa then activates "De-Spell" to destroy Mai's "Cyber Shield", which weakens "Harpie Lady's" ATK by 500. Téa then uses "Shining Friendship to attack and destroy "Harpie Lady".
  • In episode 109, this card appears in a flashback Leichter has when he explains to Seto that his treachery began when Gozaburo gave him a large amount of dollars to test Seto's business skills.

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