• In chapter 6 - chapter 7, Jaden Summoned this using "Polymerization" but Alexis activated "Cold Fusion" to destroy this card and Special Summoned this card's Fusion Material Monsters back onto the field.
  • In chapter 10, Koyo played this in the tournament before he collapsed.
  • In chapter 21, Jaden Summoned this with "Polymerization" and was put into Defense Position, used it to protecting his Life Points.
  • In chapter 28, Jaden Summoned this using "Fusion Birth" by sending "Elemental Hero Ocean" and "Elemental Hero Woodsman" from top of his deck and used it to destroy Bastion's "Gozuki". This card was later returning to Fusion Deck via the effect of "Kasha".
  • In chapter 33, Jaden Summoned this using "Parallel World Fusion" by returned "Elemental Hero Ocean" and "Elemental Hero Woodsman" from his Removed from Play zone.
  • Though not played, it was seen put away in Jaden's deck case in the chapter 44.
  • In chapter 60, the possessed Atticus managed to seize this card along with "Winged Kuriboh" from Jaden and was reporting to Tragoedia.
  • In chapter 61, Tragoedia unlocked himself from the Legendary Planets, included this card and "Winged Kuriboh" before shattered them back to their owners.
  • When "Elemental Hero Terra Firma" uses its effect, it becomes known as "Terra Firma Magma", and its powered-up attack is called "Magma Slash"

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