• In episode 42, Jaden Yuki uses this card during his duel against the Dark Magician Girl. he summons this card via "Polymerization". This card then attacks and destroys Dark Magician's set monster. The set monster is then revealed to be "Fire Sorcerer". This activates "Fire Sorcerer's" Flip Effect, allowing Dark Magician Girl to banish "Dark Magician Girl" and one copy of "Magician's Valkyria" from her hand and inflict 800 damage to Jaden. The effect of this card then activates, increasing Jaden's Life Points by the ATK of "Fire Sorcerer". This card then joins Jaden in sweat dropping when the crowd continues to cheer for Dark Magician Girl and when they boo at Jaden for making a comeback move. Later "Dark Magician Girl" attacks and destroys this card.

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