• In episode 61, this card appears in a flashback Sartorius has when he notes to himself that since Jaden was defeated by Aster's Deck which had his power in it, he should have become influenced by the Light of Destruction. This however didn't happen strangely which Sartorius can't figure out. Jaden however is greatly shocked by the loss as he can no longer see his cards.
  • In episode 105, this card appears in a flashback Jaden has when he notes that even though he lost to Aster when the latter used his real Deck, it gave him the chance to see the Neo-Spacians who later became his friends.
  • In episode 135, this card appears in a series of flashbacks Jaden has when he notes that until now he went by his instincts without giving things a second thought. Jaden notes if he stops now, he won't be able to go further and save Jesse.

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