• In episode 178, Jaden Yuki uses this card during his Duel against Nightshroud. He Special Summons this card by returning "Elemental HERO Neos" and all six Neo-Spacians from his field and Graveyard to his Deck. Jaden then activates this card's effect to banish all six "Neo-Spacians" from his Deck and allow this card to have access to any effects of the banished monsters as well as increasing this card's ATK by 500 for each monster banished this way. Since all six "Neo-Spacians" were banished, this card gained 3000 ATK. Jaden then chooses to have this card gain the effects of "Flare Scarab" as per this card's last effect. Since Nightshroud has six Spells/Traps on his side of the field, this card gained 2400 ATK. This card then attacks and destroys "Darkness Neosphere", winning Jaden the Duel.

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