• In episode 73, Tyranno Hassleberry uses this card during his Duel against Sartorius. He Special Summons this card via the effect of "Dyna Base". This card then attacks directly. After Sartorius summons "Arcana Force VIII - The Strength"', the latter begins to rotate. It lands upright, so Sartorius can switch control of one monster on the field and he chooses this card. Hassleberry then activates this card to change the target of "The Strength" to itself, giving control of "The Strength" to Hassleberry. Sartorius then activates "Reversal of Fate" to switch the position of "The Chariot" and "The Strength", making the former right-side up and the latter upside down. Since "The Strength" is now upside down, Sartorius gains control of every monster Hassleberry controls except "The Strength". This card then attacks and destroys "The Strength", winning Sartorius the Duel.

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