• In episode 20, Dox uses this card during his Tag Duel with Para against Yami Yugi and Joey Wheeler. He sets it in Defense Position. Later Dox Flip Summons this card. He then equips this card with "Invigoration", increasing its ATK by 400 and decreasing its DEF by 200. This card then attacks and destroys Yugi's 'Celtic Guardian". Later Yugi activates "Magical Hats" to protect his "Dark Magician" and Joey's "Flame Swordsman" from this card. Para then Normal Summons "Monster Tamer". He then activates the latter's effect to increase this card's ATK by 600 and place it under his control. This card then attacks one of the Hats, but it was revealed to be an empty one. Joey then releases his "Flame Swordsman" and equips it with "Salamandra", increasimg its ATK by 700. "Flame Swordsman" then attacks this card. Due to this card's weakness to fire, it loses the ATK boost it got from "Monster Tamer". "Flame Swordsman" then destroys this card.
  • In the manga, Dungeon Worm instead had the effect of gaining a ten percent attack increase each time it destroyed a monster.

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