• In episode 47, Chazz Princeton uses this card during his Duel against Alexis Rhodes. He equips this card onto "Ojama King", increasing its ATK by 300. Chazz then explains this card's effects to Alexis. Alexis planned to use "Doble Passe" after Chazz used this card's effect to switch one of her "Ojama Tokens" into Attack Position and attack it with "Ojama King", but Chazz just used "Ojama King" to attack the token without using this card's effect. The attack fails, but Chazz intentionally did this so that he could activate "Dramatic Crossroads". Alexis chose to activate the first effect of "Dramatic Crossroads", discarding "Cyber Tutu" from her hand. After "Cyber Angel Benten" destroys "Ojama King" in battle, this card is destroyed.

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