• In episode 215, Yami Bakura uses this card during his Duel against Yugi Muto. He summons this card in Attack Position. This card then attacks Yugi's set monster. The monster is then revealed to be "Marshmallon" who inflicts 1000 damage to Yami Bakura due to it being attacked while it was face-down. Due to the second effect of "Marshmallon", it is not destroyed. Later Yugi activates "Marshmallon Glasses" to make all of Yami Bakura's monsters attack "Marshmallon". Yami Bakura then activates "Negate Defense" to switch "Marshmallon" into Attack Position. This card then attacks "Marshmallon" again. "Marshmallon" is not destroyed due to its effect, but Yugi still takes Battle Damage. Later "Silent Swordsman LV0" (whose ATK was 3000 due to its own effect) attacks and destroys this card. In the next episode, this card became a Phantom due to Yami Bakura gaining the black box from the effect of "Cursed Twin Dolls". In the following episode, this card was still shown to be a Phantom. In the next episode, Yugi activates the effect of "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction" to destroy and banish every monster on the field.

Video games

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