• In episode 105, Nicolas uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Jack Atlas. When "Power Giant" attacks directly, Nicolas activates this card to inflict 800 damage to both players for every card in Nicolas' hand. Since Nicolas has five cards in his hand, this card inflicts 4000 damage to both players. Nicolas' true aim was to destroy Jack's Duel Runner, so that Team 5D's would lose by default, however (to his shock) he was also affected by the shadow effects of this card. Due to the effect of "Power Giant", Jack takes no effect damage until the end of the Damage Step, so only Nicolas took the damage and Jack wins the Duel. Jack saves Nicolas before he gets enveloped by the shadowy ghosts. Nicolas' Duel Runner is destroyed in the explosion created by "Doom Ray" and because of that, Team Catastrophe is automatically eliminated by default.
  • In episode 106, Sherry LeBlanc is seen taking this card out of Nicolas' Deck after she demanded to Nicolas on where he got this card. Upon taking this card out, Sherry saw this card's name, image, and lore fading away into nothing (this was because Primo had no use for Team Catastrophe anymore).
  • This card is revealed by Nicolas to be a second "Card of Darkness", with the first being "Hook the Hidden Knight".

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