Ah! take it out!

"Dokuroyaiba" stuck in Hunter's helmet.

  • In episode 17, this card is shown to belong to Shira. While Hunter Pace was hiding from security guards at the Fortune Cup, he overhears Lazar talking to Shira about what he must do during his upcoming Duel. After Lazar tells Shira to be cautious when Dueling Yusei Fudo, Hunter almost gives himself away as he gets excited. Hearing him, Shira throws this card in Hunter's direction, but a mouse rushes away. Assuming that to be the source of the noise, Lazar and Shira do not spot Hunter or inquire further. After they leave, Hunter is shown with this card lodged into his helmet.
    • In this appearance, the artwork of "Dokuroyaiba" is shown with a slightly different color than its real life card version.
  • In episode 120, two copies of this card appear in a flashback Jinbei Tanigawa has when he reminds himself that he and his friends believe in their battling style.
    • This card also appears in Yusei's mind at the end of the episode.

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