• In episode 132, Marin plays this card against Vector. She activates this card since she controls a WATER monster on her field. This turn, any ATK changes will be doubled until the end of Marin's turn. She then activates "Zero Blade", thus causing "Number 43: Manipulator of Souls" to lost 2000 ATK points. This also allows Marin to activate the effect of "Number C103: Ragnafinity" to deal 2000 points of damages to Vector. During the End Phase, Vector was about to activate the effect of "Manipulator of Souls" to finish Marin off, when Don Thousand reminded Vector about this card. If he activated the effect of "Number 44" the ATK change would be doubled by 6600, as this card's effect still continues this turn. Further more, Marin would have used the last Chaos Overlay Unit og "Ragnafinity" to deal 6600 points of damage to Vector, which would had been a draw for the both of them (Dumon would have been the winner of this Duel). This forces Vector to choose not to activate the effect of "Manipulator of Souls" to prevent himself from losing this Duel.

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