• In episode 165, Duke Devlin and Rebecca Hawkins use this card during their Tag Duel against Valon. Duke summons this card via "Adamantine Sword Revival". This card's ATK then became equal to the ATK of "Luster Dragon #2" when it was tributed + 1000 (which made its ATK 4200). Due to the effect of "Adamantine Sword Revival", this card was not allowed to attack this turn, so Rebecca sets a card and ends her turn. Later "Big Bang Blow" attacks this card, but Rebecca activates "Mirror Force" to destroy all of Valon's monsters, however Valon activates the effect of "Trap Buster" to negate "Mirror Force". Valon then activates the effect of "Active Guard" to nullify all damage he takes this turn. This card then destroys "Big Bang Blow", but this activates the effect of "Big Bang Blow", destroying all monsters on the field and inflicting damage to all players equal to the total ATK of every monster they controlled. Due to the effect of "Active Guard", Valon does not take any damage, so the effect of "Big Bang Blow" only damages Rebecca and Duke. Rebecca and Duke's Life Points then dropped to 0, winning Valon the duel.
  • In episode 193, Rebecca Hawkins uses this card during her Duel against Leon von Schroeder. She summons this card via "Adamantine Sword Revival". This card's ATK then became equal to the ATK of "Ruby Dragon" when it was tributed + 1000 (which made its ATK 3400). This card then attacks and destroys "Globerman". Rebecca then sets "Dragon's Rage" and intended to use it next turn, so that this card could inflict Piercing Damage until the End Phase. After Leon summons "Thorn Princess", he activates the latter's effect to take control of this card. This card then attacks directly, defeating Rebecca.
  • In episode 197, this card appears in a flashback Rebecca has when she recognizes "Spinning Wheel Spindle" as the card Leon gave to her during their Duel against each other.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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