• In the international anime, the ouija board used for this card's effect is blue instead of orange.
  • In episode 82, Yami Bakura draws this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. In the next episode, Yami Bakura activates this card part of his winning strategy. While he was constructing the letters of the message during each of Yugi's End Phases, he used "Dark Sanctuary" to render all of Yugi's attacks useless and "The Dark Door" to allow Yugi to attack with only one monster each turn. After Yugi ended his turn, this card activates Spirit Message "I" from Yami Bakura's Deck. Yugi claims Yami Bakura won't be able to finish the message as he won't have enough Spell/Trap Card Zones to do so, however Yami Bakura reveals that he can play Spell/Traps on his Monster Card Zone while "Dark Sanctuary" is face-up on the field. On Yugi's next End Phase, this card activates Spirit Message "N" from Yami Bakura's Deck. On Yugi's next End Phase, this card activates Spirit Message "A" from Yami Bakura's Deck. At this point, Yugi figured out what the message read, but he claimed to Yami Bakura that the effects of "Dark Sanctuary" are currently negated due to "Dark Necrofear" being on the field. Yugi states to Yami Bakura if he wants to finish the message then he needs to remove "The Dark Door" from the field, but that would allow Yami Yugi's monsters to attack directly. In the following episode, Yami Bakura activates the effect of "Jowgen the Spiritualist" to destroy "Dark Necrofear" and reactivate the effects of "Dark Sanctuary". Yami Bakura was confident that he could win the Duel once Yugi ends his turn as this would activate this card's effect and allow himself to activate "Spirit Message "L" from his Deck and win the Duel automatically due to this card's effect. However, Yugi won the Duel with "Slifer the Sky Dragon" before Bakura could finish the message.
  • In episode 109, this card appears in a flashback Leichter has when he explains to Seto that his treachery began when Gozaburo gave him a large amount of dollars to test Seto's business skills.

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