Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 23, Chumley offers this card to Jaden Yuki when the latter was trying to prepare his Deck for the Duel against the (at that point) unknown North Academy representative.
  • In episode 28, Jaden and his friends headed for the portal that would take them back to their world after Jaden defeats the chief, but Chumley injures his leg. This card's spirit then helps Chumley get him to the portal.
    • After Jaden and his friends get back to the real world, this card can be seen on the ground near Chumley.
  • In episode 36, this card can be seen on the ground after Chumley drops his deck.
  • In episode 50, Chumley uses this card during his duel against Vellian Crowler. He sets this card in Defense Position. "Ancient Gear Golem" then attacks and destroys this card. "Ancient Gear Golem" then inflicts piercing damage to Chumley. Chumley then activates the Flip Effect of this card to inflict 400 damage to Crowler for each card in his hand. Since Crowler had two cards in his hand, he takes 800 damage.
    • This card also appears in a flashback Jaden has when he notes to Syrus that Chumley didn't forget this card's Flip Effect this time around (as he forgot about this card's Flip Effect during his Duel against his father).
  • This card appears in the second version of the Japanese opening song, 99%.

Video games

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