• In the manga, "King of Divine Punishment, Dark Highlander's" attack name is "Death Polar" ("Death Pola-Slay" in the Japanese version)(死兆星斬), it's effect name that negates Synchro Summons is "Tropic of Death" ("Death Tropics" in the Japanese version.)(死回帰線).
  • Jack chants "Star of death, shining at heaven's zenith. Descend to Earth and judge the living" (In the Japanese version he chants "The star of death that shines at the zenith of the heavens. Descend to the Earth and make judgment upon the living"), when he Synchro Summons this card.


  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Ride 10: "Clashing Pride!!", this is seen holding its scythe up to Greiger's neck in a flashback of Jack beating Greiger.

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