• In episode 132, Vector plays this card against Marin and Dumon. Vector activate this card when his life points was about to be become zero after Number C103 attacks Number 43: Soul Marionetter. This card absorbs 1300 points of battle damage he would have taken. Vector would later this destroy this card by the effect of Evil 1. As this card leaves the field, the other effect of this card deal damage to every everyone (including Vector) equal to the battle damage he would have taken (in this case 1300 points of damage. Vector plans to end duel by finishing off both of his opponents, as their life points were less than 1300 (Vector has 4000 life points, so he will only have 2700 life points left in the end). However, Dumon has activated Sacred Shield, which not only negates the damage, but also increase Ragna Infinity's ATK by equal to the effect damage every would have taken, which was 3900 points. But Sacred Shield sill deals damage to Dumon equal to the negated damage everyone would have taken, causing him the lose the duel as well as his death.

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