• In episode 175, Jesse Anderson uses this card during his Triangle Duel against Yusuke Fujiwara and Jaden Yuki. After "Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat" attacks Jaden directly via its own effect, Jaden activates "Damage Interest" to inflict damage to Jesse equal to twice the damage he took. Jesse then activates this card to increase the ATK of "Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" by the damage he took until the End Phase. Jesse then, to Yusuke's shock, orders "Sapphire Pegasus" to attack "Clear Rage Golem". It is at this point Jaden and Jesse reveal that they were pretending to have been turned against each other, but whatever Yusuke saw in Jesse's mind was not darkness. "Sapphire Pegasus" then attacks "Clear Rage Golem", but Yusuke destroys "Clear Wall" to negate the damage and prevent "Clear Rage Golem" from being destroyed. On Jesse's End Phase, this card's effect expires.

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