• In episode 153, Jack Atlas uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Yusei Fudo. He Synchro Summons this card by tuning "Power Supplier" with "Mirror Resonator" (who was Level 6 due to it copying the Level of "Turbo Warrior" through its second effect). This card then attacks and destroys "Turbo Warrior". Since this card destroyed a Synchro Monster Yusei controlled by battle, its effect activates, forbidding Yusei from summoning any monsters during his next turn. On Jack's next turn, this card attacks directly, but Yusei activates the effect of "Fake Gardna" to Special Summon the latter from his Graveyard. Jack then activates "Breakthrough" to destroy "Fake Gardna". A replay then occurs and Jack uses this card to attack directly, but Yusei activates "Scramble Egg" to Special Summon "Sonic Chick" from his Deck. A replay occurs and Jack uses this card to attack "Sonic Chick", but the latter isn't destroyed due to its own effect. In the next episode, Yusei uses "Shooting Star Dragon" to attack and destroy this card.
    • In the first above-mentioned episode, this card appears in Jack's explanation when he explains that Yusei plans to summon "Fake Gardna" once "Crimson Blader" attacks him directly, which will prevent him from losing.
  • In the Japanese anime, while Summoning "Crimson Blader", Jack chants "The King's determination is conceived with a crimson blade ablaze fires of red! Appear from beyond the burning heat waves! Synchro Summon! The Burning Fierce God, Crimson Blader!"
  • The attack name of this card is Red Burner in the original.

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