• In episode 4, this card was seen in Yusei Fudo's hand during his Turbo Duel against Jack Atlas. In the next episode, "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacks "Stardust Dragon", but Yusei uses the first effect of "Ghost Gardna" to change the attack target to it instead, destroying it. This activates the second effect of "Ghost Gardna", decreasing the ATK of "Red Dragon Archfiend" by 1000 until the end of the turn. Yusei then activates this card to have "Stardust Dragon" gain 500 ATK and force "Red Dragon Archfiend" to attack it. Jack then activates "Prideful Roar" to pay Life Points equal to the ATK difference between the two battling monsters and increase the ATK of "Red Dragon Archfiend" by the ATK difference plus 300 (which totals to 1300) during damage calculation only. Yusei then banishes "Shield Warrior" from his Graveyard to prevent his "Stardust Dragon" from being destroyed by battle this turn. The attack fails, but Yusei still takes Battle Damage.

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