• In episode 114, Jaden Yuki uses this card during his Duel against Mr. Stein. When Mr. Stein Tributes "Scar-Knight" to destroy all monsters on the field and inflict 500 damage to all players for each destroyed monster, Jaden activates this card to protect his Life Points from the effect of "Scar-Knight" by Tributing "Chrysalis Larva". As three of Mr. Stein's monsters were destroyed, the effect of "Scar-Knight" inflicts 1500 damage to Mr. Stein, winning Jaden the Duel.
  • In the anime, this card's effect only seemed to protect the controller of the card from effect damage instead of both players. When Jaden first used it, it only protected his Life Points, but in the real game it would have protected Stein as well from the damage.

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