• In episode 127, Adrian uses this card during his Duel against Marcel Bonaparte while the latter was possessed by Yubel. He summons this card by Tributing two "Sheep Cloud Tokens". This card then attacks Marcel's "Mad Reloader". Adrian then activates this card's effect to switch "Mad Reloader" to Attack Position. This card then destroys "Mad Reloader". Marcel then activates the effect of "Mad Reloader" to send "Reload" and "Pot of Avarice" from his hand to the Graveyard and draw two cards. On Adrian's End Phase, this card's last effect activates, decreasing its ATK by 500. On Adrian's next turn, this card attacks directly, but Marcel activates two "Break the Seal" cards and sends both "Break the Seal" cards to the Graveyard in order to add "Exodia the Forbidden One" from his Deck to his hand. The duel then gets canceled due to the Sacred Beasts' awakening. Adrian then found out if the duel had continued, Marcel would have gotten the fifth piece of Exodia into his hand and won the duel.
  • In both versions of the anime, this monster's attack name is "Perfect Storm".

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