• In episode 174, Yusuke Fujiwara uses this card during his duel against Atticus Rhodes. After this card is activated, Yusuke then explains to Atticus that this card will grant both players negative effects based on the Attributes of the monsters they control, however Yusuke will be safe from this card as Clear monsters are treated as having no Attribute while they're face-up on the field. After Atticus summons "Hunter Dragon", this card forbade Atticus from attacking since he has a DARK monster on his side of the field. The DARK effect disappeared after "Hunter Dragon" was destroyed, however the effect affected Atticus again after he summoned "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". When it looks the Duel ended in a Draw, it is revealed that everything after the summoning of "Clear Vice Dragon" was all in Atticus' mind as Yusuke was trying to find Atticus' darkness. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.
  • Against Atticus, his Dark-attribute monsters prevented him from attacking. Jesse's Water-attribute Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise forced him to discard cards during several of his turns, and Jaden suffered the Earth-attribute effects (requiring him to destroy one monster) and Light-attribute effects (forcing him to show his hand).
    • This cards effect was somewhat different. It didn't seem to have the 500 point maitenance cost. It also prevented the controller of a DARK attribute monster from attacking, regardless of whether or not they controlled two or more monsters. Also, it prevented the controller of WIND monsters from activating Spell Cards at all, instead of requiring a payment of 500 Life Points.

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