• In episode 77, Yuma Tsukumo uses this card during his Duel against Carlyle Chesterton, while the latter was possessed by the Barians. After Carlyle activates "Surprise Inspection" to switch Yuma's set "Gagaga Girl" to Attack Position, Caswell Francis tries to "suspend" "Gagaga Girl" for violating the school dress code. Yuma activates this card to try to prevent that by reducing the ATK and DEF of "Gagaga Girl" to 0 instead (which the anime depicts as "Gagaga Girl" becoming invisible). However, Carlyle activates the effect of "Norito the Moral Leader" to negate and destroy this card, so "Gagaga Girl" is returned to Yuma's hand. Yuma, however, activates the effect of "Tatakawa Knight" to inflict 1500 damage to Carlyle.