• In episode 66, Strings uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi while the former was possessed by Marik Ishtar. After Yugi's attempt at destroying "Slifer the Sky Dragon" through a counterattack made by "Buster Blader" failed due to "Jam Defender" letting "Revival Jam" intercept the counterattack, "Revival Jam" is destroyed. "Revival Jam" then revives itself through its own effect and Strings activates this card to draw three cards. After Yugi tries to use "Spellbinding Circle" and "Magic Cylinder" to decrease the ATK of "Slifer" by 700 and redirect the attack of "Slifer" made on "Dark Magician Girl" back to "Slifer" itself, String uses "Jam Defender" to let "Revival Jam" intercept the attack, destroying it instead. After "Revival Jam" revives itself through its own effect, this card's effect lets Strings draws three cards. In the next episode, Yugi revives "Buster Blader" via "Monster Reborn". This card's effect activated, letting Strings draw three cards. The second mouth effect of "Slifer" then activates, decreasing the ATK of "Buster Blader" by 2000. After "Buster Blader" attacks "Slifer" and Strings uses "Jam Defender" to redirect the attack to "Revival Jam", the latter is destroyed. "Revival Jam" then revives itself through its own effect, but Yugi activates "Brain Control" to take control of Revival Jam" while it was reviving. This card then makes Strings draw three cards. Since Yugi placed a new monster onto his side of the field, the second mouth effect of "Slifer" activates, destroying "Revival Jam". The latter then revives itself via its own effect. This card's effect then activates, allowing Strings to draw three cards. The second mouth effect of "Slifer" then activates, starting the loop all over again. This continued until Strings decks out. When that happened, Yugi won the duel by default.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, Strings drops another copy of this card from his hand when Marik realizes that he will lose once Strings Decks Out.
  • In episode 74, this card appears in a flashback Yami Yugi has when he reminds Kaiba that he saw a Rare Hunter being possessed by Marik.

Video games

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