• In episode 74, Fender plays this card against Yuma, by Ranking up his "Mechquipped Angineer" to overlay this card on the former monster. Continued on next episode, Fender commanded an attack with this card on "Number 39: Utopia" after the latter monster's ATK decreased by the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". With the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", it negated the effect of "Number" that prevented the destruction. Fender then detached all Xyz Material from this card to inflict Yuma 500 damage each, which reduced the latter to 500 Life Points. On the next turn, Fender attacked directly with this card, however, Yuma activated "Pinpoint Guard" to Special Summoned "Gogogo Gigas" in the Defense Position while Fender activated "Xyz Meteor" to inflicting a piercing damage to Yuma in that way, reduced Yuma's Life Points to merely 100 points. This card was destroyed when Yuma activated "Numbers Impact" to increase "Number C39: Utopia Ray" to 7600 ATK.

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