• In episode 120, Seto Kaiba uses this card during his duel against Gozaburo Kaiba. He uses this card to Tribute "Spirit Ryu" and destroy Gozaburo's "Exodia Necross" since the latter has at most 1000 DEF. This strategy failed as "Exodia Necross" was immune to destruction by card effects (which Kaiba wasn't aware of until Gozaburo explained each of the effects that "Exodia Necross" gained based on the Exodia pieces in Gozaburo's Graveyard).

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 173, this card was shown in Atticus Rhodes' hand during his Duel against Yusuke Fujiwara. In the next episode, "Clear Vice Dragon" (whose ATK was 4800 due to its own effect) attacks "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", but Atticus activates to Tribute this card and destroy "Clear Vice Dragon". When the Duel seemingly ends in a draw, it is revealed that everything after the summoning of "Clear Vice Dragon" was all merely in Atticus' mind as Yusuke was trying to find Atticus' darkness. "Clear Vice Dragon" then attacks this card. Due to this card's effect, its ATK becomes equal to the ATK of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" times two. Atticus activates this card in response, but Yusuke activates the fourth effect of "Clear Vice Dragon" to negate the effect of this card and destroy it. "Clear Vice Dragon" then destroys "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", winning Yusuke the duel.

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