• In episode 170, Valon uses this card during his duel against Joey Wheeler. He summons this card via "Full Armor Gravitation". This card then gained 500 ATK due to the effect of "The Seal of Orichalcos". This card then gained 200 ATK for each Armor Monster on the field. Since there were seven, this card gained 1400 ATK. This card later lost 200 ATK when "Buster Knuckle" was destroyed. This card then attacks "Jinzo". "Jinzo" destroys this card, but this activates this card's effect, decreasing "Jinzo's" ATK by the total ATK of this card. In the next episode, Valon summons another copy of this card. This card then gained 500 ATK due to the effect of "The Seal of Orichalcos". This card's effect then increased its ATK by 400 since there were two Armor Monsters on the field. Valon then equips this card with the "Rocket Hermos Cannon" copy that "Data Brain" created. Valon then activates the effect of "Rocket Hermos Cannon" to destroy all of Joey's monsters and inflict damage to him equal to the ATK of his destroyed monsters. On Valon's End Phase, the "Rocket Hermos Cannon" copy was destroyed by the effect of "Data Brain". This card's ATK increased to 1100 after Valon summons "Black Hole Shield". This card then attacks directly, but Joey activates "Aura Armor" to negate the ATK and pay half his Life Points to summon a "Player Token". This card's ATK decreased to 900 when "Lord of the Red" attacks and destroys "Black Hole Shield". This card's ATK increased back to 1100 when Valon uses "Monster Reborn" to revive "Buster Pyle". This card is later destroyed by the effect of "Lord of the Red". In the following episode, Valon activates "Phoenix Gravitation" to revive this card. This card then gained 500 ATK due to "The Seal of Orichalcos". This card then gained 1000 ATK due to its effect (200 for each Armor Monster out). Later this card attacks Joey's Player Token", but Joey activates the effect of "Big Bang Dragon Blow", Tributing "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" to destroy all of Valon's monsters and inflict their combined ATK as damage to Valon, winning Joey the duel.
  • In episode 183, this card appears in a flashback that Valon has while trapped within the Great Leviathan when he remembers Dueling against Joey and being pushed to his limits by Joey's fighting spirit as well as Joey's finishing move to the Duel.
  • In episode 184, this card appears in a flashback Valon has when he remembers himself being surprised that Joey was able to push him to his limits and when he remembers Joey dealing the final blow.

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