• In episode 60, Atticus Rhodes uses this card during his Duel against Alexis Rhodes. He summons this card via "Miracle Moment". The effect of "Spotlight" then targets this card, increasing its ATK by 300. Atticus then uses this card's effect to add "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei" from his Deck to his hand. After Atticus summons "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei", this card's effect increased the ATK of "Lei Lei" by 400. Atticus then activates "Ultimate Stage Costume" and uses its effect to increase this card's ATK and DEF 3000. "Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei" then attacks "Cyber Angel Dakini", causing both monsters to be destroyed in a Double KO. This card then attacks directly. Due to the effect of "Ultimate Stage Costume", the boost that "Ultimate Stage Costume" gave to this card is not applied to this card during damage calculation only. Later "Ultimate Stage Costume" is destroyed when Alexis activates "Ritual Sanctuary". Alexis then Ritual Summons "Cyber Angel Benten" and uses the latter to attack and destroy this card. "Cyber Angel Benten" then inflicts damage to Atticus equal to the DEF of this card, winning Alexis the duel.
    • Interestingly, when attacking directly, Bronze Warrior used neither of his swords and instead slaps the player.

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