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  • In episode 92, Kalin Kessler used this card in his Ground Duel with Yusei Fudo against Lawton. He activates this card to send the top four cards of his Deck to the Graveyard(Lawton notices that one of the cards being sent was "Infernity Des Gunman"), draw one card and place this card on top of his Deck. Later Lawton tries to flee as he realizes he can't win with Yusei's "Stardust Dragon" around, however Kalin catches up to him. They continue the Duel without Yusei or his cards. Lawton then activates the effect of "Blaster Ogre" to destroy "Infernity Doom Dragon" and inflict half its ATK as damage to Kalin, but Kalin activates the effect of "Infernity Des Gunman" and "Infernity Climber" from the Graveyard. First Kalin activates the effect of "Infernity Climber" which places it on top of his Deck. Next Kalin banishes "Infernity Des Gunman" from the Graveyard to activate its effect, giving Lawton two choices. The first will allow Kalin to draw a card and reveal it and if it's a monster, Lawton will take damage equal to the damage Kalin takes and all effect damage Kalin takes this turn will be inflicted to Lawton instead. If it's not a monster, Kalin will take damage equal to the damage he took this turn. The second choice will allow Lawton to negate the effect of "Infernity Des Gunman", but Kalin won't take any effect damage this turn. Believing that this card is Kalin's top card, Lawton chooses the first chioce, however Kalin reveals that his drawn card is "Infernity Climber". After he explains how it got on top of his Deck, the effect of "Infernity Des Gunman" activates, inflicting all damage Kalin would have taken to Lawton instead and winning Kalin the Duel.

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