Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In episode 68, Crow uses this card during his Ground Duel against Bashford. After he Normal Summons this card, Crow activates this card's effect to revive "Shura the Blue Flame" in Defense Position. Bashford then activates "Scrap-Iron Pitfall" to return "Shura the Blue Flame" to Crow's hand. After that resolves, "Scrap-Iron Pitfall" resets itself face-down. This card remained on the field until the Duel was over.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 66, Crow played this card during his duel against Gong Strong. In turn 1, Crow Normal Summon it, then use its effect to bring back "Jetstream the Blue Sky", He then tunes the Level 1 "Jetstream" with the Level 2 "Blizzard" to Synchro Summon "Assault Blackwing - Kunisada the Fogbow" ( 3/1000/???) in Attack Position. Crow activates the effect of "Kunisada", returning a Level 3 or lower "Blackwing" monster from the Graveyard to his hand to increase the ATK of all “Blackwing” Synchro Monsters he controls by the value of its ATK until the end of Gong’s next turn, but he cannot conduct his Battle Phase the turn that he activates this effect. He adds "Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North" ("Kuniyoshi": 1000 → 2300, "Kunisada": 1000 → 2300). In turn 3, Crow Normal Summoned "Blizzard" then revived "Blackwing - Harmattan the Dust". In turn 5, Crow add this card from the Graveyard to his hand via "Against the Wind" then Normal Summoned it and revived "Jetstream the Blue Sky".

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