• In episode 127, Crow Hogan uses two copies of this card during his Turbo Duel against Broder. He sets both face-down and told Broder to attack him, so he can see exactly what he is made of him. Broder was intrigued by him setting his entire hand face-down. When Broder did not get a Speed Spell on his Draw Phase (which would have allowed him to use the effect of "Speed World 2" to remove 4 Speed Counters and inflict 800 damage to Crow which would have depleted Crow's remaining Life Points), he decides to win the old fashioned way. After Broder notes that he can use the effect of "Speed World 2" and the effect of "Loki, Lord of the Aesir" to get rid of Crow's two set cards, he remembers Crow knows this and believes that Crow's set cards are bluffs and that he is trying to get Broder to waste 10 Speed Counters, so that way Yusei Fudo can easily beat him when he takes over for Crow. Broder then activates the effect of "Speed World 2" to remove 10 Speed Counters and destroy one set copy. "Loki" then attacks directly, but Crow activates the second copy to banish a "Blackwing" from his Graveyard and negate the attack, however Broder activates the effect of "Loki" to negate this card's effect and destroy it. Crow then banishes "Blackwing - Calima the Haze" from his Graveyard in order to revive "Black-Winged Dragon". A replay occurs and Broder uses "Loki" to attack "Black-Winged Dragon", but Crow banishes the two copies from his Graveyard in order to activate this card's second effect, destroying "Loki" and "Black-Winged Dragon" and inflicting damage to Broder equal to the ATK of "Loki". Broder then activates "Dromi the Sacred Shackles" to inflict damage to Crow equal to the ATK difference between "Loki" and "Black-Winged Dragon", ending the Duel in a Draw.

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