Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Pre-Arc League Tournament

Arc League Tournament

  • In episode 32, Yuya Sakaki plays this card in his duel against Sylvio Sawatari. He fuses "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Performapal Drummerilla" via the Pendulum Effect of "Trump Witch" to Fusion Summon this card. This card attacks "Mayosenju Daibak", both of which have 3000 ATK, Yuya and Silvio find and activate Action Cards. Silvio activates "Burning Barrel", which would deal Yuya damage equal to half of this cards ATK, 1500, if it was destroyed by battle, but Yuya activates "Miracle", preventing the destruction of this card and halving any battle damage, so only "Daibak" is destroyed. Due to this cards effect, Silvio takes damage equal to the ATK of "Drummerilla", which is 1800, winning Yuya the duel.

Friendship Cup

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