• In episode 1, The Sledgehammer plays this card in his Action Duel against Yuya Sakaki. He activates this card when he takes Battle Damage from the battle between Yuya's "Odd-Eyes Dragon" and The Sledgehammer's "Battleguard King", as the ATK of "Battleguard King" was 0 due to the effect of "Wonder Balloons" but Battle Damage was halved and "Battleguard King" wasn't destroyed due to the effect of "Miracle", this card increases the ATK of "Battleguard King" by 2000, from 0 to 2000. At the End Phase of Yuya's turn, the ATK of "Battleguard King" increases from 2000 to 5000 as the effect of "Wonder Balloon" ends. Later when "Battleguard King" attacks "Odd-Eyes Dragon", the effect of this card returns "Odd-Eyes Dragon" to Yuya's hand instead of it being destroyed. The Sledgehammer then activates "Battleguard Magic", since "Odd-Eyes Dragon" was returned to Yuya's hand, Strong Ishijima gains Life Points equal to half the ATK of "Odd-Eyes Dragon", which is 1250, increasing his Life Points from 2750 to 4000.

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