• In episode 145, Yusei Fudo uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Antinomy. He Normal Summons this card in Attack Position. After Yusei banishes "Necro Defender" from his Graveyard via its own effect in order to reduce the Battle Damage he would take from battles involving "Shooting Star Dragon" this turn to 0, Yusei activates the first effect of "Shooting Star Dragon" to look at the top five cards of his Deck and grant "Shooting Star Dragon" one attack for each Tuner Monster he finds. Yusei finds three Tuner Monsters, so "Shooting Star Dragon" gains three attacks. "Shooting Star Dragon" then attacks "T.G. Halberd Cannon" three times. Yusei then activates the effect of "Enduring Soul" three times to decrease the ATK of "Shooting Star Dragon" by 2400 after damage calculation in order to prevent its destruction. Yusei then activates this card's effect in order to negate the decreases and inflict damage to Antinomy equal to the amount of ATK that "Shooting Star Dragon" would have lost, winning Yusei the Duel.

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