• In episode 171, Joey Wheeler uses this card during his duel against Valon. When "Burning Knuckle" attacks directly, Joey activates this card to negate the attack and Special Summon a "Player Token" ATK and DEF equal to Joey's Life Points by paying half of his Life Points. Later Joey activates "Red-Eyes Transmigration" to Tribute the "Player Token" and the "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" in his hand in order to Ritual Summon "Lord of the Red". Later "Lord of the Red" attacks directly, but Valon activates "Extinction Fist" to destroy "Lord of the Red" and Special Summon "Player Token" and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" from the Graveyard to Joey's side of the field before ending the Battle Phase. In the next episode, Joey payed half of his Life Points to keep the "Player Token". After Joey creates "Big Bang Dragon Blow" via "Claw of Hermos", he equips the former to "Player Token". "Burning Knuckle" then attacks "Player Token", but Joey activates the effect of "Big Bang Dragon Blow", destroying all of Valon's monsters and inflicting their combined ATK as damage to him, winning Joey the duel.

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