• In episode 174, Yusuke Fujiwara uses this card during his duel against Atticus Rhodes. He equips this card and "Attribute Bomb" to "Clear Rage Golem" and declares DARK for both Equip Spells. "Clear Rage Golem" (whose ATK was 0 due to "Nihilistic Summoning Technique") then attacks "Hunter Dragon". The effect of this card then activates, destroying "Hunter Dragon". The effect of "Attribute Bomb" then activates, inflicting 1000 damage to Atticus. On the last turn of the Duel, "Clear Rage Golem" attacks "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". The effect of this card then activates, destroying "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" before damage calculation. Atticus then activates "Red-Eyes Burn" to inflict the ATK of "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" as damage to both players, ending the Duel in a Draw. In reality, everything after the summoning of "Clear Vice Dragon" only occurred in Atticus' mind as Yusuke was trying to find Atticus' darkness. When Atticus activates "Burst Breath" in response to "Clear Vice Dragon" (whose ATK was 4800 due to its second effect) attacking "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", Yusuke activates the fourth effect of "Clear Vice Dragon" to negate and destroy "Burst Breath" by discarding this card. "Clear Vice Dragon" then destroys "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", defeating Atticus.

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