• In episode 1, Tetsu Trudge uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Yusei Fudo. He Normal Summons this card on the first turn of the Duel. Later "Speed Warrior" (whose ATK was 1800 due to its own effect) attacks and destroys this card. Trudge then activates this card's effect to Special Summon another copy. On Trudge's next turn, he Tributes this card in order to Tribute Summon "Handcuffs Dragon". Later Trudge sends this card, "Tactical Espionage Expert", and "Guard Dog" from his hand to the Graveyard in order to Special Summon "Montage Dragon".
  • In episode 3, this card can be seen in Trudge's hand during his Turbo Duel against Yusei.
  • In episode 54, this card appears in a flashback Yusei has when he notes that the reason why he stayed by Kalin's side when Crow and Jack left was because they were friends. The captain of Sector Security uses this card during his Ground Duel against a Duel Gang member. The Duel Gang member summons "Skull Knight 2" in Attack Position. The Sector Security captain then summons this card and uses it to attack and destroy "Skull Knight 2". This wins the Sector Security captain the Duel and allows him to captain the Duel Gang member.
  • This Card was the first Monster Card played by Trudge.
    • This is keeping with the pattern of previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series in which the first monster summoned by the main protagonist's opponent is an EARTH monster.

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