Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In episode 141, Luna uses this card during her Ground Duel with Jack Atlas and Leo against Aporia. After Luna summons this card, the effect of "Level Cannon" inflicts 800 damage to Luna (the damage was equal to this card's Level times 200), but Leo activates "Damage Eraser" to negate the damage and increase Luna's Life Points by the damage she would have taken, however Aporia activates "Damage Boost" to negate the effect of "Damage Eraser" and destroy it as well as double the damage Luna would take for a total of 1600 damage. Later Aporia activates the effect of "Meklord Army of Granel" to halve this card's DEF. After "Meklord Army of Wisel" (whose ATK was 3200 due to the effect of "Power Gravity") attacks and destroys "Red Dragon Archfiend" (whose ATK was 0 due to the effect of "Power Gravity"), "Meklord Army of Skiel" attacks and destroys this card. Aporia then activates the effect of "Meklord Army of Wisel" to allow "Meklord Army of Skiel" to inflict piercing damage to Luna.

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