• In episode 16, Joey Wheeler plays this card during his Duel against Seto Kaiba. He summons this card on the second turn of the duel. Kaiba's "Battle Ox" then attacks and destroys this card.
    • This card can also be seen in Kaiba's briefcase when he takes out a Duel Disk from his briefcase and tosses it to Joey.
  • In episode 33, Joey uses this card during his Duel against Yami Yugi. He summons this card in Defense Position. "Summoned Skull" then attacks and destroys this card.
  • In episode 109, this card appears in a flashback Leichter has when he explains to Seto that his treachery began when Gozaburo gave him a large amount of dollars to test Seto's business skills.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 43, this card was shown in a flashback Alexis Rhodes has when she explains to her friends the backstory between her Pierre. In the said flashback, Alexis was shown using this card during her duel against Pierre. After "Gemini Elf" attacks and destroys "The Snake Hair", this card and "Gokibore" attack directly, winning Alexis the Duel.
    • This card is later shown in a flashback Alexis had when she notes that she tried to teach Pierre the game that she loves, but he used the game the opposite way she wanted him to use it for.

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