• In episode 44, Another Armed Ninja appeared later and took out Yugi Muto's "Dark Hole" with a snipe before it captured what was at first Princess Edina (really Mokuba in disguise) with a net. Joey Wheeler then summons "Axe Raider" and equips it with "Kunai with Chain". "Axe Raider" then destroys the "Armed Ninja", which causes the net to drop, but a "Whiptail Crow" then catches the net and takes it away.
  • In episode 45, Kaiba and Mokuba tried to escape from the castle's prison, but an army of "Armed Ninjas" appeared and tried to capture Kaiba's second "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" (which was summoned earlier to destroy "Witty Phantom"). Kaiba anticipates this by summoning "Trap Master" who destroys the jar and frees the Blue-Eyes that was trapped in it earlier. Kaiba then used both his "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to destroy the army of "Armed Ninjas".

Video Games

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