• In episode 111, Max uses this card during his Turbo Duel against Jack Atlas while the former was possessed by the Familiar of Red Nova. He Normal Summons this card after getting three copies of "Bewitching Butterfly" into his Graveyard via their own effects. Since Max has three or more monsters with the same name in his Graveyard, this card can't be destroyed. Later "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacks this card. The effect of "Lancer Archfiend" then activates which would allow "Red Dragon Archfiend" to inflict piercing damage, however Max activates two copies of "Smoke Mirror" to increase the DEF of this card by the ATK of "Red Dragon Archfiend" twice, making this card's DEF 6000. This causes the attack to fail and the backfired attack causes Jack to catch fire and spiral out of control. After Jack veered off course and crashed, Greiger called the Duel off.

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