Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

  • In episode 37, Tania uses this card during her Duel against Jaden Yuki. She summons this card in Attack Position. Since Tania controls two Amazoness monsters, this card gains 800 ATK. "Amazoness Swords Woman" then attacks directly, but Jaden activates "A Hero Emerges" to force Tania to choose one card in his hand. Tania then chooses a card and it's revealed to be "Elemental HERO Clayman". Because of that, Jaden summons "Clayman" in Defense Position. A replay then occurs and Tania uses her "Amazoness Swords Woman" to attack "Clayman". The attack fails, but due to the effect of "Amazoness Swords Woman", Jaden takes all the Battle Damage that Tania would have taken. Both players then pay 100 Life Points in order to activate the effect of "Amazoness Arena", inflicting 100 damage to each other. This card then attacks "Clayman". The attack fails, but both players then pay 100 Life Points to activate the effect of "Amazoness Arena", inflicting 100 damage to each other. Tania then activates "Amazoness Trainer" to increase the ATK of this card by 400 and allow it to attack again. This card then attacks "Clayman", but Jaden activates "Clay Charge" to destroy this card and "Clayman" and inflict 800 damage to Tania.
  • In episode 132, this card is shown in a flashback Tania has when she explains that a disaster occurred in the world she was residing in a while ago, which suddenly sucked it into a different dimensional space.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

  • In episode 108, Grace uses this card in her Tag-Team Duel with Gloria against Yuya Sakaki and Shay Obsidian. She uses "Polymerization" to fuse this card and "Amazoness Spy" in her hand and Fusion Summon "Amazoness Pet Liger".

Video games

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