Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

  • In episode 106, one of the Diablo Duelbots uses this card during the Battle Royale that was around Neo Domino City. After this card was summoned, the first Diablo Duelbot activates "Release & Reverse" to Tribute "Ally of Justice Nullfier" and take damage equal to the ATK of "Nullifier" as well as Special Summon "Nullfier" to the second Diablo Duelbot's side of the field. Both this card and "Nullfier" then attack the Team White Tiger Duelist directly, but the Team White Tiger Duelist activates "Negate Attack" to negate the attack and end the Battle Phase, however the first Diablo Duelbot then activates "Solemn Judgment" to negate "Negate Attack" and destroy it. The direct attacks continue and deplete the remainder of the Team White Tiger Duelist's Life Points. The remaining Duelbots then defeat the Team Lightning Duelist. Later another Diablo Duelbot uses this card when Yusei, Sherry and Elsworth had to fight other Duelbots. He Normal Summons this card in Attack Position. Later "Driven Daredevil" attacks and destroys this card.

Video Games

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