• In episode 151, Jesse uses this card during his Duel against Jaden Yuki while the former was possessed by Yubel. He Special Summons this card via "Crystal Beacon". In the next episode, this card and "Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus" attack directly, but Jaden activates "Neospace Road" to draw one card and end the Battle phase. Later this card attacks directly, but he takes no Battle Damage due to the second effect of "Winged Kuriboh", however Yubel did this on purpose to punish this card for conversing with Jaden during the latter's brief vision with the Crystal Beasts. After Jaden activates the effect of "Elemental HERO Storm Neos" to destroy all Spell & Trap Cards on the field, this card, "Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus", "Amber Mammoth", and "Amethyst Cat" are destroyed as "Advanced Dark" was no longer on the field.
    • In the second above-mentioned episode, this card appears within Jaden's thoughts when he notes that he could use "Grand Mole" to attack "Rainbow Dark Dragon" and return to its hand, but he then realizes that will leave him wide open for a direct attack by Jesse's two remaining monsters, and he will lose if those attacks succeed.

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