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YGO-024 Dispenser

A dispenser.

A Capsule Monster Chess dispenser is a vending machine used to sell Capsule Monster Chess pieces.

The buyer inserts a ¥100 (about $0.84 US at the time) coin into a slot and turns a key. A capsule from the bottom of the machine then rolls out through a hole.[1] Normally the buyer cannot tell what Capsule Monster they will get, however Mokuba has rigged such machines on occasion.[1][2]

There is a dispenser outside Old Man Dentures candy store. Yugi got in trouble for rattling the machine after his capsule got jammed after inserting a coin. Mokuba who had paid Dentures took the dispenser, which he had secretly rigged and used it to dispense monsters for him and Yugi to use in a game. Since he had the machine rigged, Yugi got mostly low Level monsters, while Mokuba got high Level monsters.[1]

During Death-T, Mokuba used a rigged dispenser again to face Yugi in another game of Capsule Monster Chess.[2]

In the first series anime, Yugi's encounter with Mokuba using a rigged dispenser was replaced with Warashibe using a rigged dispenser to face Miho Nosaka.[3]


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