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Chaos Xyz
"Simon the Great Moral Leader", "Comics Hero Legend Arthur", "Coach Lord Ultimatrainer" and "Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral".

  • CX(カオスエクシーズ)
  • CX (kanji)
  • カオスエクシーズ (furigana)
  • Kaosu Ekushīzu (rōmaji)
  • Chaos Xyz (translated)


  • Chaos Xyz (anime)


  • CXyz
  • Xyz Chaos


  • CXyz
  • Chaos-Xyz


  • CXyz
  • Chaos Xyz (anime)


  • C(카오스)X(엑시즈)
  • CX (base text)
  • 카오스엑시즈 (hangul)
  • Kaoseu Eksijeu (romanized)
  • Chaos Xyz (translated)


  • CXyz


  • CXyz
  • Xyz Caos


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"CXyz", an abbreviation of "Chaos Xyz" (CX(カオスエクシーズ) Kaosu Ekushīzu), is an archetype of monsters that can be Xyz Summoned by Chaos Xyz Evolution, with the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", and is a sub-archetype to both the "Chaos" archetype and the "Xyz" archetype. They have been used by Tori Meadows, Fender, Devon Knox, Carlyle Chesterton, Art Stanley, Lotus Hanazoe, Brooke Walker, and Reginald Kastle/Nash. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! D Team ZEXAL, Yuma Tsukumo also uses these cards.


"Chaos Xyz" monsters are created by the Barians for the sole purpose of subduing the "Number" monsters. Xyz Materials attached to "CXyz" monsters take the form of red diamond shaped crystals as opposed to glowing orbs, and are referred as "Chaos Overlay Units" in the anime.[1]

Like monsters that can utilize Chaos Xyz Evolution, these monsters require an additional Xyz Material but with 1 higher Level in a regular Xyz Summon, since they themselves are 1 Rank higher than their respective original counterparts.

So far, all of the "CXyz" monsters, except "CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader", "CXyz Zubaba Saikyo General", and CXyz Barian Hope, can inflict effect damage and all CXyz monsters except "CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral" and "CXyz Dark Fairy Cheer Girl" have the same Attribute as their original counterparts. Visually, they are all tied together by the presence of glowing red energy on their bodies, energy from the Barian World.


  • This archetype is quite similar to "Meklord Emperor" monsters. Just as the "Meklord Emperors" are made to stop Synchro Monsters, "CXyz" were created to solely restrain "Number" monsters by being able to destroy them by battle despite their unique effect in the anime. They both can absorb specific targets to leave their opponents defenseless: "CXyz" can absorb Xyz Materials from the opponent's "Number", which are all Xyz Monsters
  • Another comparison to the "CXyz" Monsters is the Dark Synchro Monsters. Both represent a corruption of a summoning method used by the protagonists (Synchro Summon for Yusei Fudo and Chaos Xyz Evolution for Yuma Tsukumo).


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Episode 76: "Hard Knox"

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