"The Dragon" Bruce Ryu is a fictional fictional character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. He is a Kung Fu Master playable character, based on Bruce Lee, in the video game Virtual VS.[1]

One of his moves is the "One Inch Punch".[1]

His Player 2 outfit consists of the yellow jumpsuit worn by Bruce Lee in the film Game of Death.

The Ryu in his name is a reference to Bruce Lee's Chinese name, Xiao Long (Little Dragon). Ryu is the Japanese word for Dragon.


Bruce Ryu VS Bruce Ryu

Player 1 and Player 2 versions of Bruce Ryu, used by Yugi and Feng Long.

Yugi choose to use Bruce Ryu while playing Virtual VS in the arcade. Jonouchi commented on how he looked just like Bruce Lee. Yugi agreed and said that he is a big fan of Bruce Lee.[1]

Yugi was repeatedly challenged to fights in Virtual VS, by Street Fighter, who was also using Bruce Ryu.[1]


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