"Borrel", known as "Varrel" (ヴァレル Vareru) in the Japanese version, is an archetype of DARK Dragon monsters used by Varis in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. The archetype is related to the "Rokket" archetype, which is also used by Varis. With the exception of "Miniborrel Dragon", all members of this archetype have 3000 ATK. They are also all Link Monsters, except for the Synchro Monster "Borreload Savage Dragon".


Both the English and Japanese names of the archetype are wordplays on gun barrels. The French and English names may reference the mathematical concept of Borel sets.

Playing style

The archetype synergizes well with the "Rokket" archetype, seeing how "Borreload Dragon" is able to trigger the primary effects of all "Rokket" monsters to gain field advantage. The secondary effects of the "Rokket" monsters will also activate, summoning another monster in their place It is also able to snatch other monsters the opponent controls and cannot be targeted by said monsters' effects.

"Borrelsword Dragon" on the other hand, while still able to activate the effects of "Rokket" monsters, is also able to increase its own ATK and halve the ATK of a monster your opponent controls. Coupled with the bonus to attack twice in the same should the first effect resolve, one could potentially get rid of most monsters in the game with higher ATK values such as "Number S39: Utopia the Lightning". "Borrelguard Dragon" is immune to effect destruction and can revive any monster destroyed during the turn the effect is used provided the player has a Spell or Trap Card in their Spell & Trap Card Zone to sacrifice, although the revived monsters' effects are negated. Like "Borrelsword", it also changes monsters' battle positions.

Monsters such as "Booster Dragon" can also help, acting as weaker version of "Borreload". "Miniborrel Dragon" is also useful due to being able to recycle itself once a turn as long as the player controls a "Borrel" monster, albeit at the cost of tributing a Link-3 monster they control.

The Spell and Trap Cards of the archetype are also useful; "Borrel Regenerator" can help recycle monsters more, and should the equipped monster summoned with it be destroyed the player draws 1 card. "Borrel Cooling" essentially allows "Borreload", "Borrelsword" and "Borrelguard" to activate even more "Rokket" effects.


Dragon Reference Effect
Defensive Quick Once per turn
Borrelguard Gun Barrel, Guard, Borel Summation Cannot be destroyed by card effects. Target 1 monster on the field; change it to face-up Defense Position. Opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response. Send 1 card from controller's Spell & Trap Zone to the GY; Special Summon from either GY to controller's field, 1 monster that was destroyed and sent there this turn, but negate its effects.
Borreload Gun Barrel, Handloading, Borel Summation Cannot be targeted by monster effects. 1 face-up monster loses 500 ATK/DEF. Opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response. Take control of an opponent's monster to a zone this card points to when this card attacks an opponent's monster at the start of the Damage Step.
Borreload Savage Gun Barrel, Savage Arms, Handloading, Borel Summation When Synchro Summoned, target 1 Link Monster in the GY and equip it to this card. Gains half the ATK of the equipped monster and place Borrel Counters equal to the Link Rating of the targeted monster. When your opponent's card effect is activated: you can remove 1 Borrel Counter from this card; negate its activation. N/A
Borrelsword Gun Barrel, Sword, Borel Summation Cannot be destroyed by battle. Switches 1 Attack Position monster to Defense Position and allows this card to make a second attack during each Battle Phase. Opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response. This card gains ATK equal to half of a monster this card is attacking until the End Phase and when it do, the attacked monster loses half of its current ATK.
Miniborrel Gun Barrel, Short-barreled Rifle, Revolver, Minigun, Borel Summation N/A N/A Special Summons itself if you control a "Borrel" Link Monster after you Tribute a Link 3 or lower monster. Cannot be used as material for the Link Summon of a monster with the same Link Rating as the Tributed monster.